INDUSTRIAL WOOD GRINDERS & COMMERCIAL WOODCHIPPERS for sale in Nigeria and other Sub-Saharan countries

In the wood and forest products industry, there is no one-size-fits-all wood grinding machine. This is an industry that requires machines with a wide variety of features: whether they need to be ideal for large scrap or small scrap, solid or composites, top feed or horizontal. Our manufacturer designs and manufactures industry-leading machines that meet a vast number of industrial wood grinder and chipper requirements. 

No-Nife Wood Hogs 

These hogs set the standard in the industry. The hogged product can be sold for garden mulch, animal bedding and litter. 

Chip Hogs 

Our manufacturer’s new chip hogs are a revolutionary new design for commercial wood chip grinder for biomass shredder applications. The Chip hog is the first hammer mill combining the high capacities and heavy-duty features of a primary hog-type hammer mill crusher with the fine grinding capabilities of a secondary hammer mill. This rugged machine has a simple, durable, field-tested, proven design. 

Horizontal Feed Wood Hogs 

Also known as the Front Feed Hog, the horizontal feed hogs are perfectly suited for long wood scrap, flooring strips and pallets. This commercial wood grinder features a low-profile design, as well as a hinged-top cover for easy access to the entire machine interior for service and maintenance. 

Rotary Disc Screen 

The Rotary disc screens are used for the consistent, high speed separation of oversized and undersized components of municipal, industrial and wood wastes. A Disc Screen is often used as a feeder into shredders or hogs, bypassing pre-sized materials.  

Whether your application involves fuel, mulch or compost preparation, or you simply just need to turn scrap into sawdust, our industrial wood grinders and commercial woodchippers are the solution. Contact us today at or 847-504-7172 to discuss your unique need.  


Wolé Osilaja

Wolé Osilaja is an Independent Sales Agent specializing on American and African manufactured industrial machinery and products. Facilitating trade between Africa and USA.