Our manufacturers has over a century worth of experience and offers a heavy-duty lineup of industrial and commercial battery crushers and battery recycling equipment. Over the past few decades, battery crushing has become a major and important aspect of the recycling industry. Batteries contain a variety of toxic chemicals that can contaminate soil or pollute water if disposed as waste and not recycled.

Our manufacturer takes pride in engineering industrial battery crushers that plays a critical role in reducing the number of used batteries being disposed as municipal solid wastes.

The specially-designed line of industrial battery crushers can crush a variety of batteries, including:

  • household batteries
  • non-rechargeable batteries 
  • industrial batteries
  • vehicle batteries

Our manufacturer understand that each battery crushing project is unique and there may be specific guidelines to abide by. Whether you’re in need of a crusher for scrap lead production or for complex mechanical crushing, sorting and sieving projects, there is a solution for you.

Some of our manufacturer’s popular battery crushers are The Slugger Hammer Mill and Type NF & GA Hammer Mills

The Slugger Hammer Mill

The Slugger Hammer Mill Crushers are ideal for battery reduction due to their large feed openings, shock resistance, and ability to function continuously without fatigue. 

The Type NF & GA Hammer Mill

The Type NF & GA Hammer Mill are excellent in reducing the size of industrial batteries. With heavy-duty bearings and rugged construction, these hammer mills are well equipped for high-volume battery crushing.

AfricanUSA Trade Connect in collaboration with our manufacturer will help you find the right machine for your project to crush and separate battery components in a wide range of application sizes. contact us today to discuss your project in detail.

Wolé Osilaja

Wolé Osilaja is an Independent Sales Agent specializing on American and African manufactured industrial machinery and products. Facilitating trade between Africa and USA.