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Connecting US Companies to African Markets

Why Us

African business culture is driven more by relationship and face to face business interaction and less by transaction.

Our Solution

  • Established presence and working staff in Africa already. We have connections to various established African businesses. We have highly educated and experienced staff in Africa who we communicate with on a daily basis.
  • We also have a vast understanding of the diverse African culture and can guide your company accordingly.
  • African business professionals want to be understood and treated as business partner.
  • Vast Understanding of both the African and American business cultures.
  • We are able to travel and represent your company worldwide. Our team has the ability to interact within the African culture by negotiating, using persuasion skills, critical thinking and creative problem solving. We understand how to interact and work within the cultural diversity of Africa.
  • We will continue to guide and partner with you as you build your business in the region by listening to you and the clients and will always maintain a compromise.
  • We continue to represent your company. As your partner, we will be the face of your company. We will always seek better and faster ways to increase your sales by constantly improving the aspects of our interactions.

Our goal is deliver more than what we promise.

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