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Connecting US Companies to African Markets


Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to general questions about our company about  Trade Connect on this page.

What is AfricanUSA Trade Connect, LLC?

AfricanUSA Trade Connect, LLC is a leading supplier of Industrial machines and equipment to the Sub-Saharan African markets. We are experts primarily, in facilitating purchase of all American manufactured industrial machinery and equipment by African industries and end-users. Secondary, we provide market access and opportunity to maintain presence for American manufacturers in the Sub-Saharan African market. Industries covered, includes but not limited to Agriculture, food processing, material reduction.

Where is AfricanUSA Trade Connect, LLC located?

Our corporate office is located in Evanston, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago in the state of Illinois, USA. We however maintain offices and partnership sites in various countries of Africa. 

What are the services provided by AfricanUSA Trade Connect, LLC?

AfricanUSA Trade Cannect's services are classified distinctively into two categories:

  1. Facilitating purchases of services, machines and equipment by industries and all end users.
  2. Assiting and facilitating market entry opportunities to American manufacturers and service providers into the African markets.

What Products can be purchased through AfricanUSA Trade Connect, LLC?

AfricanUSA Trade Connect, LLC prides itself in being able to assist all our clients in finding and purchasing all industrial machines and equipment suitable to optimize their operation and bring their production to 21st century international standards.

How does my product get to me?

AfricanUSA Trade Connect, LLC coordinates the entire process including shipping to the closest port of destination. Client will be responsible for clearing.

How do I identify the Machines and equipment available through AfricanUSA Trade Connect, LLC?

AfricanUSA Trade Connect does not have any limits in the machine or equipment we are able to assist its clients with. Some machines and equipment are however not economical to be purchaed from the USA.We would give you our honest opinion if your product falls in this category and recommend an alternative source to you.

How do I pay for my purchaes?

AfricanUSA Trade Connect, LLC typically have two payment options

  1. Pay directly to the manufacturer in the USA via wire transfer to the manufacturer’s account.
  2. Pay directly to AfricanUSA Trade Connect,LLC’s account in the USA via wire transfer.

A third option is available to clients in some African countries to pay locally in local currencies via a third party. Ask us to see if your country is included in this third option.

I cannot find an answer to my question, where can I go for more information?

Please send all inquiries to
AfricanUSA Trade Connect, LLC
1730 Washington Street
Evanstonn, IL 60202
(847) 504-7172
[email protected]

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