Global Trade Show Representative (USA, Canada and Africa)


With the genesis of Covid-19, businesses tend to rely heavily on social media to further promote and maximize their exposure which is great, but we must not forget that in-person interaction will always remain as the most effective means of exposing our brand to potential customers. It defines the true essence of business dealings and it will continue to protect our human instinct of being created to socialize. Not to say that virtual webinars or events are not needed but they can only complement the trade shows module.

As societies continue to open all activities, most businesses are reluctant to going back to the previous ways of doing business. They have gotten used to conducting business based on being confined to their homes.

In person trade shows are beginning to come back, and for variety of reasons businesses, especially the small and medium sized ones are reluctant to participate. Some are reluctant to globally travel and some are reluctant to financially invest, having suffered setbacks as a result of Covid-19.

At AfricanUSA Trade Connect, we take the pain of travel to Trade Shows away and do it for you, so that your brand can still be exposed to the targeted clientele that frequent trade shows.

If you are an African business looking to expose your brand to American or Canadian market, we will travel and represent you at various Trade shows across USA and Canada. Likewise, if you are an American business looking to expose your brand to African market, we will travel to Africa and represent your business at various Trade shows across Africa.





Wolé Osilaja

Wolé Osilaja is an Independent Sales Agent specializing on American and African manufactured industrial machinery and products. Facilitating trade between Africa and USA.