How to properly represent your client at an international trade show -African Agricultural Machinery

As an independent International sales representative, one of the services you provide for your clients is representing them at international trade shows. Some clients prefer to devote their time and energy on other business projects rather than traveling to trade shows around the world. They are looking for someone else to do this business travel and represent them at the trade shows. In providing this services, be mindful that your clients expect results and a partner who they can trust.

At AfricanUSA Trade Connect, we have been a successful partner with organizations and representing them at trade shows, especially American Companies that are expanding into sub-saharan African countries. Here are some simple tips on how to get the best results for your clients, as well as for yourself. Trade shows are a great place for building relationships. Unlike offices, a trade show has an open atmosphere and is designed to promote products and gain more business. In the African trade shows, it is an opportunity to introduce your American client’s products and/or services to parts of the world that are practically unknown. If done properly, the results are unimaginable.

Tips to get best results from African trade shows:

  1. If you are representing more than one vendor, spend equal time in each vendor’s booth.
  2. Discuss commissions of sales generated at the trade show in advance.
  3. If you can, have a booth of your own with all the products of your American vendors that you represent displayed. This will also allow you to save your clients some money as the cost of travel, hotel and purchasing a booth can be shared among your clients.
  4. Arrive at the location of the trade show at least two days prior to the first day of the trade show. This will allow you to get some necessary rest and adjust to the time difference. This is important because nothing turns off a potential customer as much as a tired sales person. You want to appear rested.
  5. While at the show, make an effort to network especially with the local sales people as they may be helpful in assisting you to develop the various products that you represent.
  • Wole Osilaja – African Independent Sales Agent and African Trade Show Representative. AfricanUSA Trade Connect.

Wolé Osilaja

Wolé Osilaja is an Independent Sales Agent specializing on American and African manufactured industrial machinery and products. Facilitating trade between Africa and USA.